Upper & Lower Quinton, Warwickshire

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BBC News: Farage hits back at defecting MEP
Sunday 25th January 2015
Please click for our Sunday link. Brilliant photo by Chris Spracklen

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Live BBC News for Warwickshire

'Hire me' graduate is now hiring

A Coventry University graduate who held up a 'hire me' sign at London Waterloo returns five months later, but now he's the one hiring.

Second arrest in child abduction case

Police make a second arrest in connection with a child abduction case involving a teenager who was missing for more than three weeks.

First-time dig at Shakespeare's home

A £5.25m project to excavate Shakespeare's living quarters for the first time begins.

'Smile in the sky' rainbow spotted

A rare circumzenithal arc, or 'smile in the sky' upside down rainbow, is spotted in the sky over Warwickshire.

Body in allotment is missing woman

Police formally identify a body found on an allotment site in Leicester as that of missing woman Sameena Imam, who was last seen in Coventry.

Club 'cannot appeal against ruling'

Coventry City's owners have been refused permission to appeal against a High Court ruling that a city council loan was lawful.

VIDEO: Political week in 60 seconds

The political headlines from the West Midlands.

VIDEO: From Who's Who to Who's That?

Downhill skier Anna Turney is retiring